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The more automatic watches you get the harder it is to store and keep track of them. Serious collectors end up buying more and more watch winders, but at a point you just want a few massive winders to house your collection (versus dozens of smaller ones). The good news is that a few select companies make high-capacity watch winders, and they are serious investments unto themselves. New from US-based Orbita is the Bergamo 40 range of watch winder cabinets.

The Bergamo 40 starts with a very simple concept – a watch winder for 40 watches that can disguise itself as piece of fine furniture. The rear part of this cabinet can raise or lower and contains 40 individual watch winders (that have their own motors and are individually programmable). Via a remote or switch on the unit, the winders can lower into the cabinet – which from the front then looks like just a cabinet. If you want to showcase your watches in an office or room that might have people walking in it, it is a good idea to be able and “hide” your collection. The cabinet itself is made in Italy, and can be ordered in a variety of woods, finishes, and styles. Consultation with Orbita is required to get one, and each is custom made. Prices for the Orbita Bergamo 40 watch winder cabinet starts at about $60,000, and each takes about 3-4 months to make.

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