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Improved Business Climate – 2010 was a good year for Orbita Corporation. Ever since the “bubble” burst, watch owners have been hesitant to buy new watches and/or watchwinders. As business has improved, pent-up demand has fueled a rebirth of automatic watch buying, both here in the United States and overseas. Particularly in the Chinese market, growing prosperity has made the ownership of a fine Swiss watch important to increasingly wealthier Chinese consumers. Despite all of the Chinese competition we have had in the past we are now exporting our watchwinders to China, and to Asia in general, as sophisticated collectors in those areas look for high quality watchwinders rather than what generally are considered inferior Chinese products. Also, we were happy to learn that the Orbita brand is well known amongst Asian collectors and is held to be a prestige product just as a Patek Phillipe or Rolex watch is held to be a prestige product. We look forward to continuing positive development worldwide in 2011 and we will be introducing a number of new items at the 2011 JCK Show in Las Vegas – stay tuned.

In Memoriam – A great loss for Orbita Corporation was the sudden passing of Bill Schery, our Technical Services Manager. He had a massive heart attack whilst he was at work here and was gone in just a few moments. It was a terrible shock for all of us. Many of our customers knew Bill by his field visits or by telephone conversations. Over the past 13 years he was instrumental in helping develop new products and many of the products now sold all over the world by Orbita were first born on Bill’s workbench where he took my design sketches and translated them into metal, wood, and plastic, often improving them in the process. He will be sorely missed by all of us – Chuck Agnoff, President.

Avanti Series is off and running – We had several orders for customized versions with winders in the forefront even though drawers and other accessories are available. Interestingly, a prospective customer visited our factory and, upon observing the Avanti 24 in production, he queried us as to whether we would be agreeable to selling just the 4 winder module that he could use in his vault. Good idea, we thought, and so we are now offering these modules in either a horizontal or vertical format.

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