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We are delighted to report that the new 2010 Agresti USA website is now up and running. It provides a good view of Agresti’s history, materials, and their operations in Florence, Italy. Also, the new website allows you to view their brand new ‘Echoes of Elegance’ catalog. There are lots of new products in a wonderful new format.


To best display our winders at trade shows, years ago we purchased a bunch of inexpensive Chinese-made Skeleton watches as they were great for showing the movement of the winding rotor as the watches rotated on our winders.

Lots of folks at these shows asked about buying them and, although it is not our business, we did sell a few from time to time to people who, as collectors, thought the Skeleton movement was interesting and certainly affordable.

Preparing for our big watch and jewelry show in Las Vegas in June, we realized that we had pretty much run out of them and so we bought a new lot to use for display purposes. This time we bought more than we needed so that we could accommodate those who wished to purchase these watches. At less than $100 they are certainly a bargain. Admittedly, not Swiss quality, but certainly worth the minimal investment. This is a one-time offer and quantities are limited. You can order gold-plated or stainless steel.

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