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With more and more ladies watches being offered with automatic movements, manicure shops are having a boom. These generally
smaller watches have smaller diameter crowns and, after being unworn for two days, have to be reset for time and date. Oops,
another broken or cracked fingernail may result.

Orbita has come up with the perfect solution: Attractive watchwinders in a variety of colors to keep these self-winding watches on
time and ready to be worn at a moment’s notice.

Each winder is supplied with two mounting cushions; a standard-size and a more petite version to accommodate smaller wrist sizes.
Watches are easily mounted and removed on both versions.

The winder simply plugs in to the wall. There is no need for any programming or complicated controls. Once every 10 minutes
the winder cycles automatically and causes the watch to swing in a series of arcs, replicating normal wrist motion. The winder is
extremely quiet in operation and is provided with an iron-clad two year guarantee.

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