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Hardly a week goes by without a new ORBITA customer calling us and saying how happy he, or she, is with their new winder, while at the same time telling us about their misadventures with a previous watchwinder….one that was made by one of our competitors. In most cases, the failed winder was Asian-made and “looked good and was priced attractively.” However, after a few weeks or months, or rarely, years, the winder died. If the warranty was still in effect, and if the seller was still in business, a replacement might be sent. Sadly, the new unit would be of the same quality and, soon, it also met a similar fate.

Virtually all of the Asian-made winders, and some of the European, or quasi-European winders, we have examined show the same flaw. They are all glued together at the factory and there is absolutely no provision for future repairs if needed. They are “throwaways.” Clearly, it is cheaper to make a winder that way and the technique also prevents owners from ever looking inside and seeing the shoddy materials and poor workmanship. Weird, can you imagine buying a watch that could not be opened for repair? Would you buy one?

We have “autopsied” some of these failed units by cutting them apart. In some instances, the nice looking faux leather covered case was actually a cardboard box. That was quite a surprise. Not the way we do things at ORBITA.

Twelve years ago, when we started in business, our commitment was to design our winders to be long lived and serviceable. Each component we assemble is “plug and play” and easy to replace. If service is ever required, most ORBITA watchwinder owners can make needed repairs themselves. Of course, we support every American-made unit we produce and we have a full-time dedicated service department. Yes, we do get failed units back occasionally but, most times, we smile when we check the serial number and find the date of production was last century.

We are certainly not infallible, but most folks realize that machines that operate 24/7 eventually do need repair or replacement. Our pledge to our customers is to provide fine service and support today, tomorrow and for many years to come….and to do it economically and quickly.

We know that quality counts! And if you ever feel that our service is not to your expectations, let me know about it. My email is chuck@orbita.com and my telephone extension is #100 at 800-800-4436. I’ll do my best to take care of you.

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