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Orbita is probably the most well known name when it comes to watch winders. If you know the name or even own one of their popular winders, you may not know how young this American brand is. Established in 1996, it’s still a kid when compared to the history behind watch brands it caters too, but it’s high quality and innovation has made it one of the biggest producers of watch winders in that short time. It was started when Chuck Agnoff of North Carolina was given a Rolex Day-Date by his wife as a retirement gift. WIth the watch only getting weekends on his wrist, he was forced to set the functions each week. So he set off to make a watch winder. While this is a simple story with a common problem, what set Orbita apart was their dedication to quality, innovative and proprietary technology.

Orbita’s most touted innovation is their Rotorwind system, which doesn’t rotate a watch like a traditional winder. The Rotowind swings the watch, for a more natural wind like you’d have while wearing an automatic watch. This system uses a series of oscillations triggered by a single revolution, which only needs power for a few seconds every 1- to 15 minutes, making it extremely conservative on power consumption. They also offer programmable winders using the traditional rotating style. These can be programmed to rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, with different speeds to meet the needs of any automatic watch movement.

Avanti Series (Programmable)
The Avanti is Orbita’s most popular winder, with a combo of a exotic wood veneer (Macassar or Rosewood) and genuine carbon fiber trim. While on paper that combo could sound risking, they have pulled it off very tastefully, quickly making it a favorite. Sizes offered range from a 3-watch Avanti, with half the cabinet uses for drawers. This goes all the way up to a towering 48-watch Avanti, which can stand from 36” to 65” tall, depending on the watch modules used.

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