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It just stuck me that you are the founder of Orbita. I want to tell you that I think your company is just marvelous. I have been following you since you were first advertising in DuPont Registry and Robb Report many years ago. One of your first adds had that cobalt blue single winder. Do you remember that one? Stunning. That was the one that got away. I always thought, someday….I didn’t even have an automatic watch yet and I wanted the winder!… I finally bought a BLUE Rolex and then it was gone. Anyway, along the way I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Kevin, visited your traveling showroom, I’ve owned some Orbita travel boxes, and several years ago finally purchased a Monaco 6. You may have heard it was destroyed by UPS when I shipped it in for a hinge repair. (The lid closed folded when I wasn’t holding it which hyper extended the hinges. I am currently fighting UPS even though it was insured.

I digress… you’ve done it just right. Orbita is one of those companies that has a certain panache that is magical. No matter how hard the other winder companies try, there will never be another Orbita. What a great legacy. A tribute to what can still be done in America. Brilliant.


“Thank you for the awesome watch winders. They not only work excellently, but the teak finish is beautiful. You guys do fantastic work. I am going to tell all my friends about your products.
Have a good holiday!!”

Subject: Sparta 2 Watch Winder
Date: 08/19/14
Hi Chuck,

I have enjoyed my original Orbita Sparta 2 Winder for the past nine years (still with original batteries) as it has carefully wound and maintained my Rolex Sub and Omega Constellation. My Sparta 2 is dead quiet and solidly built to last. The Sparta 2 is a more modest winder in your offering, but it gets the job done and just keeps plugging away in the background.

My watch collection has grown and with the need for an additional 2 watch winder. Purchasing an additional Orbita Spartan 2 was simply a “no brainer.”
I wouldn’t even consider looking elsewhere. Solid quality and built to last.
It is a pleasure to own products that are built to these exacting high standards in a world of products that are considered disposable and throw away.

Congratulations on building your brand that simply exudes quality and value for the customer.

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Best Regards.

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