Watchwinding Technology

Take Charge of Time

Mechanical wristwatches employ spring drives for their motive power. However, when unworn, after about forty-eight hours, the mainspring fully unwinds and the watch stops. Many automatic watches not only keep time, they also provide “complications” such as day and date… Read More

Watchwinder Basics

Take Charge of Time

A Watchwinder is a powered device designed to keep an automatic watch fully wound, eliminating the need for manual rewinding and resetting. Frequently, owners of automatic watches have more than one watch. They may have a stainless-steel watch which is… Read More

Unmatched excellence and craftsmanship!

At ORBITA we carefully select only the finest, timeless materials for our products, including handcrafted and detailed marquetry, the best grades of leather, sophisticated multi-layered lacquering, and the most modern carbon fibers. From inception, ORBITA’s company philosophy has been to… Read More