DIY Module




Introducing the Ultimate DIY Watch Winder Module: Unleash Your Creativity!

Elevate your craftsmanship with our revolutionary DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Watch Winder Module. Crafted to empower artisans like you, this module opens the door to designing and constructing personalized watch winders tailored for closets, safes, or custom furniture. With every element thoughtfully designed, you can now curate a horological haven that not only safeguards your timepieces but also showcases your ingenuity.

The DIY module arrives fully assembled, ensuring hassle-free installation into your unique setup. Seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics as you fashion a bespoke watch winder system that’s an embodiment of your artistic vision. And don’t fret about intricate wiring – our extended lead wires in distinct red and black make power connection a breeze.

Diverse power supplies amplify your choices. Opt for the coveted Rotorwind® system, employing our patented technology that replicates the natural motion of your wrist, keeping your watches accurate and ever-ready. Alternatively, embrace our Programmable system, granting you absolute control over rotation patterns and winding schedules, accommodating even the most intricate watch requirements.

Please note that the Power Supply and Lithium Battery Supply are sold separately, offering you flexibility in tailoring your system. For a 3VDC Power Supply catering to up to 20 Rotorwind modules, look no further than item W10040. If you prefer the convenience of Lithium Battery Power Supply for up to 4 Rotorwind Modules, consider item W10071.

Indulge in the symphony of engineering and artistry as you harness the potential of the DIY Watch Winder Module. Revel in the pride of constructing not only watch winders but also exquisite conversation pieces that seamlessly integrate with your living spaces. Witness the synergy of your craftsmanship and our cutting-edge technology – a harmonious blend that underscores the essence of luxury.

With our DIY Watch Winder Module, horology meets hands-on artistry. Embrace the future of custom watch winding, where each rotation is a testament to your skill and creativity. Elevate timekeeping to an art form and let your watches bask in the spotlight they deserve. Join the movement – craft, design, and revolutionize with the DIY Watch Winder Module today.