Cushion – XL


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Introducing the Extra Large Orbita Cushion – XL

Elevate your watch winding experience with the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Crafted to complement your cherished timepieces, this cushion redefines luxury and precision in the world of watch winders.

Designed exclusively for watch enthusiasts, the Extra Large Orbita Cushion – XL offers a remarkable combination of size and performance. With dimensions of 2.5″ in diameter and 2″ in thickness, this cushion is tailor-made to accommodate even the most prestigious and substantial watches, ensuring a snug and secure fit during the winding process.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a connoisseur of horology, this cushion promises to provide unparalleled support and protection to your watches. The plush, premium-quality materials cradle your timepieces, preventing scratches and ensuring that your watches maintain their pristine condition over time.

Engineered to seamlessly integrate with Orbita’s renowned watch winders, the Extra Large Cushion – XL takes your winding experience to the next level. The cushion’s precision-cut design ensures optimal rotational movement within the winder, allowing your watches to receive the exact winding they require. Say goodbye to inconsistent winding and hello to a cushion that understands your watches’ unique needs.

But this cushion isn’t just about function – it’s a statement of style. The sleek and elegant design of the Extra Large Orbita Cushion – XL adds a touch of sophistication to your watch winding station. Whether displayed in your personal space or showcased in a boutique, the cushion’s aesthetic appeal enhances the overall ambience and reflects your refined taste.

Invest in a watch accessory that mirrors the craftsmanship of your beloved timepieces. The Extra Large Orbita Cushion – XL is the epitome of luxury and precision, a testament to Orbita’s dedication to delivering excellence in watch care and maintenance.