Ladylight Flashlight

$100.00 $25.00


Orbita is pleased to introduce the Ladylight luxury flashlight series. Small compact, light in weight, this little lady is not light in power. The Ladylight puts out 90 lumens of whit light when in high beam, 45 Lumens at low beam, and thanks to Cree’s PNZP-G2 led emitter, this light boasts 50,000 LED life expectancy. The sleeve is machined from brass with 24 karat gold finished end caps.

The Ladylight is equipped with three operational modes: High Beam, Low Beam and Defense Strobe. you can quickly and easily change the mode of operation by double clicking the power button.

The Ladylight comes supplied with a AAA Alkaline battery. Battery is not rechargeable.