Tourbillon 1



Introducing the Orbita Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder – A Masterpiece of Precision and Innovation

Elevate your watch-winding experience with the groundbreaking Orbita Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder, a true marvel of modern engineering that redefines the art of horological preservation. Designed to cater to the needs of the most discerning watch enthusiasts, this winder seamlessly blends revolutionary digital technology with intricate craftsmanship, ensuring that your cherished timepieces are always perfectly wound and impeccably displayed.

At the heart of the Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder lies its revolutionary digital technology, a feat that goes far beyond mere timekeeping. Witness the future of horology as the digital display showcases the exact time and turns per day (TPD) with unmatched precision. But that’s just the beginning – the real innovation lies in the photo-optic system that meticulously tallies each cylinder rotation. With unparalleled accuracy, this system orchestrates a 30° advancement of the rest position after each rotation. The genius behind this mechanism lies in its ability to counteract the gravitational forces that often disrupt a mechanical watch’s accuracy, effectively nullifying errors and ensuring optimal performance even while your timepiece rests on the winder.

The design of the Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder is a harmonious fusion of form and function. Encased within a robust crystal glass sleeve enclosure, the winder’s inner workings are artfully exposed, inviting you to marvel at the precision craftsmanship that drives this technological marvel. The digital TPD display resets seamlessly at the stroke of midnight, a testament to the thoughtful design that seamlessly integrates convenience and elegance.

Adding a touch of drama and allure, the winder features several flashing blue LEDs that cast a mesmerizing visual effect, transforming your watch-winding ritual into a captivating experience. Operation is effortlessly enabled by the included universal AC/DC power adapter, ensuring that your prized timepieces are always ready to grace your wrist with accuracy and sophistication.

The Orbita Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder is not just a winder; it’s a symphony of innovation, precision, and aesthetics that will enhance your horological journey. Experience the future of watch care, where technology and craftsmanship unite to offer an unparalleled level of accuracy and elegance. Elevate your collection with the Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder and indulge in the epitome of horological excellence.