May 14, 2014 - Orbita

Introducing the SWISSWINDER, the watch winder from the “best” of both worlds.

This new, attractive watch winder from Orbita Corporation is jacketed in a creamy, soft-to-the touch, suede-like material which is Swiss Made. This luxurious beige colored material is totally embossed with a stylish “SWISS” repeat pattern indicating its Swiss origin… However looking inside, made-in-USA technology takes over.  The unique American-made drive motor made by Synchron USA is coupled to ORBITA’S own American made gearbox. Based on the patented ROTORWIND mechanism which gently oscillates any automatic watch, the system keeps watches fully wound when off the wrist with no chance of over winding and possibly damaging fragile watch mechanisms.

The SWISSWINDER watchwinder is wireless, requiring no external power. It is supplied complete with two long life lithium-thionyl-chloride batteries which are guaranteed to provide at least 5 years of battery life without need for service. The SWISSWINDER winder operates reliably and quietly, even at bedside. Watches are mounted over a soft polymer cushion which is self-adjusting for most wrist sizes but a smaller cushion is also available for ladies with smaller wrists. Retail price for the new SWISSWINDER is $395.00.